Event Info:

The desert is hot and there is only way to cool off. That’s right it’s time to jump, throw, swim, and play in thousands of tomatoes. Tomato Festival is stoked to be coming to the land of the sun on October 17th.

Packet Pickup:

On Saturday, October 17th, 2015 at 11:00 AM – THIS THING GETS REAL. Whether you’ve never done anything quite like this – or if you are a tomato-tossing pro, this email gives you all the details you need to make your experience AMAZING! We hope to answer any questions you may have – so please read the entire packet!
Click to view full Participant Packet PDF

Festival Start:

Tomato Festival™ check in and music opens at 11:00 AM with check in times available until 12:45 PM. Arrive on time and get your gear & hang out! You can show off your outfits and enjoy the music, dancing, food and atmosphere with us. Lots of interactive fun for ALL! While there will be no tomatoes being thrown during this phase, we encourage participants to gather near the stage & have a blast, take photos, and participate in the festivities before the Throw!

The Tomato Throw:

At around 12:30 PM we will start prepping the audience for an experience like none other on earth… the Tomato Festival™. From this point the music will get louder and the excitement builds. Don’t miss the chance to sing, dance and let loose with a few thousand of your friends!!!

During this time it is crucial that all participants have their goggles ready. At around 1:00 PM the MC of the event will go over the rules with the audience, and then announce “Attach Goggles”! Then the MC and the crowd will countdown to the sound of the horn!!!! GET READY FOR THE WORLD’S SAUCIEST PARTY – with amazing music, dancing, slip-N-sliding – and more tomatoes than you’ve ever seen!

The Tomato Throw will go on for approximately one hour or until 2:00 PM! You will have made memories to last a lifetime!

Charity Highlight:

Tomato Festival™ loves hosting the sauciest participants on earth – YOU. Just as importantly we are thrilled to be able to support Non-Profits to raise awareness to the important work they do. You can learn more about all we do for Charities here.

We want to introduce you to our National Charity Action Against Hunger™

Finally – we will be conducting a FOOD DRIVE at the event. Please bring canned or non-perishable FOOD items to the event. The first 2,000 participants who bring at least a 16 oz. non-perishable item will receive a special “Fight Hunger, Throw Tomatoes” bracelet and tattoo (while supplies last).

Our Host Hotel:

Tomato Festival is proud to announce Hampton Inn Phoenix Chandler as the host hotel for this event.

Tomato Festival has a special participant discount at the Hampton Inn Phoenix Chandler!

  • Participants have a special rate: $89/night
  • Complimentary full, breakfast buffet
  • Pool & Spa, 24/7 Fitness/Business Center
  • Centrally located within numerous dining and shopping experiences
  • Conveniently right off the I-10 & Chandler Boulevar

Click the image below to reserve your room.


Who would have thought that there would be rules? Trust us – these rules are very critical for everyone to have fun:

  • All participants must sign waivers and agree to abide by festival rules.
  • Absolutely no bringing bottles or hard objects as they can cause accidents or harm to participants.
  • Do NOT rip other peoples clothing.
  • You MUST crush or squash all tomatoes before throwing them.
  • If you hear a second HORN or SHOT you must STOP throwing tomatoes!
  • If rules are broken the policy is “one strike, you are out”. Warnings will not be given to rule breakers.


  • We recommend closed shoes that you don’t mind being stained or throwing away.
  • If you wear flip flops you may lose them or risk your feet being injured during the battle.
  • Wear old clothing you don’t intend to wear again as clothing is often extremely dirty or damaged.
  • Waterproof cameras or serious steps to protect your cameras are highly recommended. We are not responsible for damage to phones, cameras or other equipment..

– See more at: http://www.tomatofestival.com/events/Phoenix/?gclid=CN2nqtq8wsgCFUiGfgod0FUMkg#sthash.QKOSfpBA.dpuf

Flying Tomato Festival

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